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Unveil Your Beauty: specially designed wedding veils, card boxes, vintage veils and hats, hair clips, lapel pins, bird cages, etc. Every item is personalized so that you can be you on your very special day.

Your wedding veil, or any other wedding accessory that you dream of, will be specially designed just for you. Every bead, pearl, sequin, and rhinestone is sewn on with double thread to prevent breakage.Your veil or hat will have the perfect balance of creativity and uniqueness to enhance your wedding gown. Your veil will be made to match the design of your dress as close as possible, so that you may bring the beauty of yourself and your wedding colors to life with a specially designed wedding veil or hat.

I offer several option so that you will have the perfect veil for the perfect wedding dress. I have the experience and creativity to design wedding accessories around you and your wedding theme. Not only can I hand-craft all of these amazing items for your amazing day, but I also have the ability to digitize any design, allowing me to take designs straight from your dress and incorporate the design into your veil, card box, dance bag, etc.

I have over thirty years of experience, I have designed card boxes, dollar dance bags, enhanced shoes with lace and beading, flowers etc. to match your wedding theme.

I will design your family heirloom with beauty and elegance that will be passed down from generation to generation. Your personalized veil could range from the simple single strand of beading around the edge, to ten feet long, with over ten-thousand beads. The perfect veil for the perfect bride. The perfect wedding accessories for the perfect wedding.

Our Products

Our Products

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