About Us
Unveil Your Beauty's  purpose is to provide a Service and Product to my Customer so that they will get quality ,originality, and a guarantee that their Wedding or Special Event will be a wonderfully  unforgettable experience. Unveil Your Beauty offers Specially Designed Wedding accessories such as Hand Made Wedding Veils, Bridal Hats, Vintage Hats, Floral and Feather Hair Clips, Lapel Pins, Dollar Dance Bags, Card Boxes, Shoe Enhancement, etc.

Unveil Your Beauty also offers Retail products such as Crowns, Tiaras, Hair combs, Hair clips, Hair sticks, veils, etc.

Unveil Your Beauty Provides a personal one on one relationship with the customer so that we can touch on every detail and  bring out their personality and Character in their product. We will be in contact via email, facebook, and/or telephone.

Unveil Your Beauty also provides Secure Online Business Transactions. I offer several Payment options and Satisfaction is guarantee.
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