Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How long does it take to get a specially designed wedding veil or hat?

Answer: It varies on each product it can take 7 days to  6-8 months depending on what design you would like.

Question 2: What lengths do your veils come in?


  • 18" Shoulder
  •  30" Elbow
  •  42" Fingertip
  •  65" waltz
  •  75" Chapel
  •  108" Cathedral

 You may have your veil customized to whatever length you would prefer.
Question 3: Can I have a veil that has a Design in any color or design?

Answer: Yes your veil will be customized to best display your personality. For instance If your colors are Peacock colors your veil or bridal hat can be made with the colors of a peacock and the design will be customized to closely match the design of your dress as much as possible. If your colors are Black and white the colors will be creatively and beautifully displayed to best enhance your wedding dress.

Question 4: Do you sell items other than hand made?

Answer: Yes, I have a retail supply that allows me to sell Crowns and Tiaras and Headpieces as well as floral  Feather Hair clips.

Question 5: How do I attach the veil to my head?

Answer: The veil has eyelets sewn in at the top were it gathers, the teeth on the comb (included) will slip into the eyelets. Comb is placed in your hair.

Question 6: Can I purchase duplicate items?

Answer: All items are one of a kind unless the orders are custom designed, for duplicate items they have to be custom ordered. Most of the items shown are one of a kind.

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